Exciting Trends Shaping Worldwide Construction

Construction is currently experiencing some really exciting developments. Gone are the days of whacking up a few bits of wood framing, nailing them together and calling it a house! There are plenty of new trends to keep up with and advancements that will see the traditional face of construction change. Let’s have a look at what is changing and what that means for construction.

Green Building

No, that does not mean painting all of the buildings green, it means building with materials and resources that are environmentally friendly. There is a massive push worldwide to keep our earth as green as possible, and the construction sector is no exception.

Legislation is being put into place worldwide to ensure that buildings are being constructed in a more sustainable way. That means, using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, and incorporating green elements like solar panels and insulation.

Green urban planning will be a big focus with entire cities being created as green certified buildings. Many worldwide organisations are pushing for these environmentally conscious building plans, so green buildings will be more popular everywhere.

Modular housing

Effectively a house in a box. A very big box, but a box all the same. So, some or all elements of the home come to site already pre-made and can be erected in a matter of days. Some countries have wholeheartedly embraced this idea, with more than 80% of Sweden’s detached houses being modular.

There are some distinct advantages to modular builds. It is even being hailed as a possible solution to the world’s housing crisis. Here is why…

  • They are more cost effective to produce as they can be mass produced in a factory setting
  • The on-site build time is much shorter than traditional building methods as many of the components come pre-made
  • You do not need as many experienced builders on-site to assemble them, resulting in lower labour costs
  • Whole towns can be erected in a matter of weeks, providing affordable housing for those that need it

Robot Power

Unmanned drones can survey a site quicker and safer than any person can. The level of drone technology is rising every day (excuse the pun), so it is becoming more of a viable option to include drones in site work. They can relay data, video footage and results in real time allowing for more efficient collection methods and a more effective worksite.

They don’t just do data, they can also lift and carry small items too. This gives an added safety aspect for tradespeople working in tall construction, not having to reach or leave their perch for materials.

The Rise of BIM

If you are wondering what a bim is, you are not alone! BIM actually stands for Building Information Modelling, which allows for a picture perfect 3D design of a building to be created on screen or on paper.

It is a far more in depth way of presenting a plan as it can show the proposed specific building systems. So that means plumbing and electrical layouts can be confirmed before building even begins. It allows for safer, cheaper and more efficient building to take place.

Many countries are pushing for BIM to be the standard way in which plans are presented, so that construction can be completed to the highest standard possible.

Smarter Construction

Technology is everywhere these days, and the building site is no exception. Many companies are choosing to implement electronic aspects to streamline complicated systems like the management of timesheets, performance reports, job sheets and so much more. By employing this technology, the site supervisors are able to focus their attention on the building side as opposed to the admin.

Technology is also entering into the houses themselves with more gadgets being standard issue. Security systems, wifi hotspots, control panels and centrally controlled heating are all seeing an increase in popularity. That means the construction industry needs to be equipped to handle these advancements.

Times are a-changin. Construction is becoming more modernised to meet the demands of the world and the people in it. We are diving into exciting times, it will be interesting to see what these innovations will mean for our world.