Earn Extra Dollars With These High Paying Hobbies!

As well as being a great stress buster and a social outlet, your hobby could also help you earn some valuable extra dollars on the side. The online world has made it easy for people to market their special skills to a wide audience with the minimum amount of effort. And so it’s no wonder then that some people are taking advantage and have developed a nice little sideline for themselves. So what are the top earning hobbies?

Music: It probably comes as no surprise that musicians and singers are in demand. Whether it’s performing live at cabarets and lounges or teaching others, music is one hobby that can command high fees. And so if you’re lucky enough to be a budding Taylor Swift or Jimi Hendrix then take full advantage of your natural talents and exploit your hobby for top dollars.

Photography: If you have a way with a camera then it’s possible to earn good money as a photographer. Nowadays many people are conscious of their online personas and are investing in professional portraits to use as their profile pictures on social media. Other niche areas include newborn photography with many people willing to pay big dollars for a professional photograph of their new bundle of joy.

Swimming: If you enough swimming as a hobby then why not get paid for it by becoming a swim instructor. There are plenty of opportunities for casual or part-time work as a swim instructor either for adults or children.

Sports: And if sports in general is your passion then it is possible to make extra money as an umpire, referee or other sports official. In fact, there’s often a shortage of people willing to take on these roles. And so whether it’s footie or netball that gets you going, becoming a qualified umpire or referee is one way to pursue your hobby while also getting paid.

Sewing and knitting: It’s no secret that both sewing and knitting are dying arts these days and so not surprisingly, they are skills that are in demand. There are plenty of crafting online marketplaces and a whole community of crafters seeking help or expertise with their knitting or sewing. There are also lots of examples of sewing enthusiasts that have developed a lucrative business as pattern makers, designing outlines for new clothing and creating samples.

Right, I’m sold! Where can I market my skills?

There are lots of options out there but two of the most popular sites worldwide include Etsy and Fiverr. Etsy is a site that connects independent sellers with consumers, while Fiverr is more concerned with connecting freelance professionals with projects. Both sites operate by charging a commission for making the introduction.

And so if you have a hobby that means you have a particular skill, then you could also be in demand! Why not see where your hobby takes you and earn some extra dollars along the way.