7 Cleaning Hacks For A Tidy Workspace

It has been proven that a tidy workspace can lead to greater productivity. And when there is so much to get through in a day, who doesn’t want to be more productive!

Try these hacks…

Hack 1: Flip it

Keyboards collect dust, crumbs and goodness knows what else during the day. So before you leave for the night, flip it over and most of the debris will drop out.

Hack 2: Paper Purge

Desks have a habit of attracting piles of paper, some you don’t even know how they got there. Take an hour to go through shredding, recycling and filing. Once you have the pile under control, sort as you go.

Hack 3: Cable Carelling

Keep cables in check by taping them to the floor, or feeding them through empty paper towel rolls. If your charger is always falling onto the floor, clip a bulldog clip to the edge of your desk and feed the cable through the silver part so it is always there when you need it!

Hack 4: Plant Love

Plants can brighten up a dreary office, but they can also leave water rings, drop pollen and die. Choose an artificial option for all the brightness and none of the mess.

Hack 5: End With A Tidy

Instead of racing out the door as the clock strikes home time, pack up 5 mins early and have a tidy of your desk each day. You will be able to start the day in a clean space and won’t have to do an intensive tidy up when your desk becomes too messy to manage.