Your Own Magazine

Brand our magazine – make it your own!

Absolute quality

  • Lifestyle focus; health, travel, living, architecture…
  • 32-pages, quarterly publication.
  • Immediately portrays your business as solid, robust, credible.
  • Stand well ahead of your competitors.


  • Insert your company name and logo on the cover.
  • Insert your company name, logo and contact details on the back cover.
  • Inside pages remain consistent.
  • An absolute stand-out piece of marketing collateral.


  • We email you electronic files – low and high resolution.
  • We email to your contacts.
  • You can upload to your website and use elsewhere.
  • We can print for you at an additional charge.

Your own magazine is something special, and usually confined to larger companies with very large budgets. Well, no more.

Big Rock produces its own top-quality 32-page Lifestyle magazine that we offer our clients the opportunity to rebrand with their own brand. It is the most cost effective way to immediately convey utmost professionalism and credibility to your customer base, and to use as a sales tool to secure more customers too.

Here’s how we work

Nothing conveys large-scale business as much as your own magazine.

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