Why You Should Streamline Your Business Processes

If you need to access multiple platforms for one task, then it is one too many!

Changing between apps, systems and processes gobbles up the time in your day. Switching your focus from one place to another means that you need to refocus every time you open something new.

So, how can you save all that lost time?

By streamlining as many of your processes as possible.

Parcelport was developed for that simple reason and discovered that a streamlined system was exactly what their clients wanted …

The Beauty of A Singular Platform

The world is evolving at a rate that is hard to keep up with. Technology is booming. Every day there is a new advancement that is designed to make our lives easier.

While we may adopt one or two of these, we tend not to do it with any strategy in mind.

But, if you can take advantage of all the advancements in a logical way, then suddenly life becomes so much easier!

Take sending a parcel for example. On the face of it, that doesn’t seem like a complicated task. But once you get into it, you realise that it takes a lot of different parties to actually get that parcel from your premises to its destination in one piece and on time.

First, you have to package it up. Then, you have to address it so that it gets where it needs to go. Once that is sorted, you need to find the most cost effective way of shipping it, so you compare rates from several different companies. How much time have we spent already? And the parcel isn’t even on its way yet!

Once you book the courier to collect or take it to the post office, you could have lost 30 minutes….al for one parcel!

On top of that, you might not ever know if it gets to its destination.

There has to be a better way, right?

Luckily there is…

Parcelport’s Innovations

Thousands of Parcelport customers enjoy a one stop shop of shipping services every day.

From one singular platform, customers can get comparative quotes, book collection, print labels and track their parcels.

Taking that one step further, their eCommerce customers can log onto the platform to manage all of their online sales from various selling platforms right from ordering phase to delivery.

With access to New Zealand’s major freight and courier companies, Parcelport can manage all of their customer’s shipping needs. They provide simplicity, visibility and cost saving opportunities all from one place. Better yet, they save people time by ensuring they get the best pricing and the best service which they may not otherwise have access to.

They provide a customer service desk and access to the best courier and freight companies in New Zealand. Plus, as everything is run through Parcelport’s platform, there is only one monthly bill to pay!

If you are interested in finding out how Parcelport can streamline your shipping services, then give them a call on 0800 PAYPORT or by emailing the lovely Lynley on [email protected]

Sort All Your Outgoing Stuff!

Now that you have the sending of your parcels sorted, you will want to get the sending of your marketing message sorted too! After all, you want to ensure a steady stream of sales so that you have packages to send out!

One of the most effective ways of communicating your marketing message is via email. As you are sending to an audience that already knows you, it is easier to build trust and create sales. If you want to nail your marketing strategy for the next 12 months, then book a free call with Lara at Big Rock now.

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