Why You Should Do Everything At 100%

Do you feel like your mind is always running in three different directions?

There are the jobs to book, the staff to allocate, the payroll to consider… not to mention picking the kids up from school, dinner with family on the weekend, and the dog to walk!

Your mind is always working away, thinking about how to juggle all the parts of your life.

But, it is time to stop!

If you are always trying to think about everything, it makes it too hard to focus on anything.

That is why you should always do everything at 100%.

That is what Jay from JSR Refrigeration does and he has been running a successful growth business for the last 20 years!


Do Everything At 100%

Jay does everything at 100%. Now, that doesn’t simply mean giving it 100% effort, though he certainly does that.

What it really means is giving your complete focus to the task at hand. If you are working during your designated business hours, then be 100% in the moment for that. Focus solely on your business and what you need to get done that day.

Then, when the workday is over and it is time to head home to your family, be 100% present with them.

Having these clear boundaries and distinctions will help you to make the most of all the time you have, regardless of what you are dedicating your attention to.

If you are not 100% in the moment, then your mind will always be distracted. Having a split focus will hurt your efficiency and cloud your work/life balance.


Travel The Whole Journey

Being 100% in the moment also means travelling the whole journey, no matter where it is leading. As Jay says, there will be many ups and downs in your life. Sometimes, you will be cruising down the highway at 110km. However, at other times, you will be navigating a road filled with potholes, twists and turns.

You cannot spend your whole life in fifth gear. Sometimes, you have to shift down to fourth or third so that you have the power to climb back up and conquer the mountain.

Yes, one door may close in front of you. But, there will be a reason that happened. You can choose to let the closed door be your dead end, or you can simply move on somewhere else where a better door will open.

Part of that is refining your offerings and making sure you are servicing the right market. Just like Jay did, when he refined the large majority of JSR’s offerings. Largely, they serve the industrial market, with only a small corner servicing the domestic market through their heat pump services. This allows them to be efficient, profitable, and provide the very best service to their commercial and domestic customers.


Who Are Jay and JSR Refrigeration & Air Conditioning?

Jujhar Singh (Jay) Randhawa has successfully been running JSR for the last 20 years. JSR service the commercial market in all areas of heating and cooling – including refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. Plus,they also supply, install and service heat pumps for domestic customers.

But Jay is more than just a successful businessman. He is heavily involved in many aspects of the community. He contributed back to his profession when he was the chairperson of the Institute of Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (IRHACE), he is on the Multicultural Police Advisory board in the Waikato, and runs/contributes to many non-profit and charity organisations.  And in 2019, he added becoming a Justice of the Peace to his list of achievements.

So, if you are looking for a reliable company to tend to all of your commercial refrigeration needs, JSR is the one to call.

Get in touch with Jay and the team today and he will be able to help you source the best solution for your individual business.