Why You Have To Ask For What You Want

When it comes to designing a kitchen, everyone has slightly different tastes. It is inevitable that you will fall in love with certain aspects during your research and have your heart set on a certain style, trend or individual piece.

But, when you go to create your plans, your supplier gives you something completely different. To say it is disappointing would be an understatement!

Those gorgeous handles are not going to be hanging on your cabinets, instead you will have something that looks cheap. Or that cutlery tray just won’t have the right slots for all your utensils and you will be constantly cursing it.

It can be even worse if you are the supplier and you can’t give your clients the fittings they want.

How can you prevent this from happening?

It’s really quite simple… you have to ask for what you want. That is the advice that Cameron Whitehouse from Enko gives to his clients.


Why Is It So Hard To Get What You Want?

When building or renovating a kitchen, there is a lot to think about. Having said that, you are making a significant investment, so you deserve to get what you want.

Often, you sit down with your designer or cabinet maker and they will show you a few examples of fixtures and fittings that you can use.

Unless you know better, you might think those are the only options available.

But they aren’t!

There are hundreds of options available for every fitting in a kitchen. End users don’t have to accept the standard cutlery tray and neither do those that work so hard to install the perfect kitchen for their clients.

Doing your research to see what is out there and asking for what you want will guarantee that perfect kitchen is delivered. You just need to know where to look.

Take Enko for example, they will supply to any builder, designer or cabinet maker in the country. You just need to ask for Enko products and you can have them!


Who Are Enko?

Enko is headed by Cameron Whitehouse and backed by the rest of the Whitehouse family. They supply all the products you need to make a kitchen apart from the boards and benchtops. So, that means handles, hinges, pull-outs, cutlery trays, shiny chrome pieces, the plastic feet that hold the kitchen up and so much more.

Operating since 2007, they are a New Zealand company serving the local New Zealand market (and Australia too). The great thing about that is they are working in the industry every day. They are able to respond quickly and source the best products for the job.

Enko’s motto is “Smart kitchen systems made easy” and that is their whole goal. To make the process easy for anyone that needs their products.

They don’t dropship, instead they hold a large range of stock so that they never let their customers down. Their strong desire to perform well for their clients is what sets them apart from the rest.


Don’t Compromise On Quality

Enko never compromise on quality, because why would you? When people are investing in their dream kitchens, they want them to last the distance. Enko makes sure of that by only sourcing the very best products on the market.

All of the market leading kitchen products are manufactured in Europe, so that is where Enko source from. The majority of their handles are sourced from Belgium and virtually all of their plasticware comes from Italy.

Their clients always return for the quality. Case and point is one of their South Island clients. When Cameron first spoke to them, they were not using Enko products. But, after preparing a proposal, sourcing a fantastic supplier for their handles, simplifying their product range and speeding up their design process, they have been exclusively loyal customers since 2015 and they are Enko’s largest south island client.

The great thing about Cameron is that he does not just talk the talk. In 2016, he renovated his own kitchen and got to choose from the entire range of Enko products. Now he gets to use them every day when he cooks for his family – and he can vouch for their quality!

So, if you are renovating your own kitchen or are a builder, cabinet maker, or designer who wants to offer the very best for your clients, check out the Enko range online by clicking here.

Then, you can simply ask them for what you want and speed up the whole design process. And if you have any questions, you can contact the Enko team.


Asking For The Sale

Asking for what you want does not just apply to kitchen products. It also applies to your business.

You want more sales, right?

Then, you need to ask for them. And the best place to ask is your email database as they are contacts that already know and trust your business. But, you can’t just ram an unannounced sales offer down their throats and expect success.

Before you can ask for the sale, you need to do the groundwork of building a relationship first. That is where Big Rock Communications can help. Experts in email communication, Big Rock put in the hard yards of sending monthly communications to your email database to prime your list and build trust.

Then, at the perfect time, they will drop in a sales campaign designed to begin a conversation with interested parties and draw out warm leads.

Want to know more about how asking for the sale can work in your business? Then jump on a free strategy call with Lara McCormick, Big Rock’s marketing expert. Even if Big Rock products are not right for you, you will still walk away from the call with your marketing mapped out for the next 12 months.

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