Time for a Change

In these uncertain times, with COVID-19 wreaking havoc throughout not only New Zealand but the entire world, different people react in different ways. Some choose to do nothing for a variety of reasons: often it’s because they’re fearful or simply don’t believe there’s anything they can do.

However, others choose to do something. This latter group of people look around; they look for opportunities. It might be an out-of-the-box answer to the situation they’re in. They might see a need and choose to be part of the solution – to find a way to fulfil that need, whether it be as a volunteer/compassionate helper or a business opportunity.

Where Are You?

Wherever you might identify as your current position, the important thing is that you progress through to the Growing Zone; this is where you’ll find purpose and be able to move forward positively.

Whether or not it seems like it on the surface, whichever type of person you choose to be, whichever zone you choose to be in, is just that – a choice. The last zone is the one you want to be in – as it’s clear to see who the winners are going to be in this situation.

Opportunities and Attitudes

“Stop. Think. And look for opportunity. It exists – it’s out there for all of us.” Roger Evans of Success Motivation International (SMI) is confident in the SMI programme’s ability to help both businesses and individuals.

He explains, “We’re governed by habits of thoughts, our habits of thought govern our beliefs, our beliefs determine our behaviour, our behaviour manifests itself into actions, and every action will give you a result.

“What people don’t understand or don’t generally do is measure the result vs their behaviour; or if they do, they think all they have to do is change their behaviour – they don’t. They have to change their habits or thoughts … in other words, their attitude.”

Proven System

“My business is to help NZ’s SME – to take them from small struggling businesses to thriving businesses. We’re in the business of attitude education. Nobody I know of works in that area with the tools that we have. We have a process that’s 60 years old and is still effective,” explains Roger. SMI helps people align their behaviours with their aspirations.

Right now, with lockdown and COVID-19, Roger believes the impact on the economy and business owners is going to be devasting. “Some people will collapse – that to me is the saddest of all things … it’s that they don’t know there is a way out of this trap. We offer that ladder out of there.”

Looking for a Change?

Albert Einstein said that insanity was “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If something’s not working – and we want different results – it’s time to change something. Often, we’ve tried everything we know – we’re scraping the bottom of the idea box and it’s empty. This is where SMI can help.

For anyone who’s keen to get ahead – to grow their business and themselves, SMI has a proven success system that can work for you. The SMI programme is designed to empower people to take charge of their own lives and to change their own futures – to seek and reach your goals and priorities regardless of the environment and what’s going on around you.

You can connect with Roger by emailing him through the SMI website: https://www.successmotivation.co.nz/contact/

Roger is passionate about the SMI process and how it helps people. When asked for his ‘why’, he responded emphatically, “I just love seeing people succeed.”

Success is Personal

Another person who loves seeing people succeed is Lara McCormick, an email marketing expert from Big Rock Communications. In these uncertain times, we need to look for new opportunities – better ways of engaging with potential clients and customers. Now’s the time to connect, support and build relationships. Book a free strategy call with Lara to see how emails and regular newsletters can help your business succeed.