The Step Between A Small And A Large Business

Most businesses start out small. But, they don’t always stay that way.

With the right attitude, resources and strategy, a small business can turn into a large one.

However, there is an important step to nail between the small and large levels. That in between step requires you to build a strong growth foundation.

You can only build that foundation with the right structure and support.

This is the kind of support that Ziegfried Kritzinger provides to his clients through his accounting business Cloud Based Services.


The Middle Step

Many business owners will want to grow their business. Growth means more sales, more income and bigger success.  But, in order to achieve those things, you need to have a strong financial foundation.

Knowing what your money is doing is really important in the growth phase. Understanding your financial position allows you to spend in the right areas and gives you the ability to take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Without that understanding, you could find yourself in a bit of trouble – choosing the wrong things to spend on or under investing in the areas that will drive your business forward. If that is the case, you won’t see the growth that you were hoping for.

If you don’t have that financial savvy available in your business, then it is vital that you draw on the advice of a numbers expert. That is where the team at Cloud Based Services come in for many of their clients.

They offer full financial management, handling all the financial aspects of your business. They use their expertise to grow businesses to a point where they can justify, or afford to appoint a full time Financial Manager or CFO.

They are the middle step, priming a business until that business can justify employing their own staff.


Who Are Cloud Based Services?

Ziegfried and his team provide accounting services, advice and solutions to a wide range of businesses – from tradies to farmers, to professionals and everyone in between.

They offer high level tax and advisory services. That basically means guiding clients along their business growth path to achieve their goals, ensuring they can meet their financial commitments and assisting them to structure the financial side of their business.

The service is very personalised with open communication being one of the things they value the most. If a client wants to get in touch with them or needs urgent advice, they will always be available.

They have a nationwide team of bookkeepers and accountants. Even though their services are delivered through cloud based systems, clients can access local contacts for full support and hands on assistance.

Ziegfried is all about empowering businesses. Those of his clients, but also of the bookkeepers and accountants within his network. He helps each of the experts working with him establish their own small business unit. This solidifies their status as an entrepreneur and allows them both personal and business growth.


How Cloud Based Services Can Help

Cloud Based Services can provide as little or as much help as your business needs. Their services start at basic bookkeeping and end of year accountancy services, ranging right through to full financial management – acting in place of a Finance Manager or CFO for your business.

What they specialise in is empowering businesses to create growth and development. Put simply, they help to create success stories. Like this one here:

Cloud Based Services had a client with a relatively new business and he secured a big multinational contract. While he was excellent at modular building construction, his business acumen was not so great. Luckily, Cloud Based Services helped him with the setup and structure of the business.

With such a financially sensitive contract full of lots of requirements, the client had to first understand the numbers so that he could then manage the growth of the business. Cloud Based Services guided him through the appointment of various project staff at various locations and set up the whole business structure for him.

In just two years, that client’s business has grown to the point where it’s multinational and very successful. Cloud Based Services are still involved at a very high level in the business, in an advisory role.


So, if you are ready to establish or grow your business, give Ziegfried a call on 0212034118 today.


Communication Is Also Key

When seeking business growth, your finances are not the only thing you need to get right. You also need to ensure that you nail your communication and marketing.

One of the best ways to do that is to conquer the familiar and effective channel of email marketing. It is the perfect way to build a relationship of trust with your audience and generate sales.

But, it can take a lot of time and strategy to start seeing the benefits of email marketing. That is probably time that you don’t have as a busy business owner. Luckily, Big Rock Communications specialises in the kind of email communication that builds consistent leads for your business.

If you want to start seeing results in your business, jump on a free strategy call with Big Rock Marketing expert Lara McCormick to map up your marketing plan for the next 12 months. Book a convenient time to speak today.