The Power Of Good Systems In Your Business

No one likes to think that they are leaving money on the table. After all, we are all in business to make money!

But, this can happen so easily if you don’t have good processes in place.

Has that invoice been sent?

Has it been issued for the right amount?

And, has the client paid it yet?

If you don’t have systems in place to track these things, then you can’t ever know the answers to those questions. You could be missing invoices, undercharging, or have outstanding funds that are owed to you.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to get those processes in place if you have an expert like Lornae from Bookkeeping Partners to rely on.

The Power Of Good Systems In Your Business

Business systems are designed to connect up parts of your business to streamline the tasks you need to do. It can be something as simple as a shared spreadsheet, or more involved like a specialist software system or an operational procedure.

Effective systems remove the need for constant problem solving in a business. You can improve the performance of your business and meet the expectations of your customers with ease. They also mean you generate consistent results, reduce your costs and increase your profits. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

The most important thing about implementing systems into your business is ensuring that they are suited to your needs. If a simple solution will do the trick, then you don’t need a complicated one!

It is also key to find a service partner that understands your requirements and can serve them well. Especially when it comes to a vital part of your business such as bookkeeping. Lornae from Bookkeeping Partners might just be the partner you are looking for.

Who Are Bookkeeping Partners?

Bookkeeping Partners help small business owners handle their day to day financial operations. Specialists in working with tradespeople, they help sole traders and businesses with around five employees who don’t have an accounts department.

One of the most valuable things that Lornae offers is that she helps introduce systems and processes that relay financial information more efficiently. In fact, many of her clients say that getting her on board has reduced their workload by a third. And they get to focus on what they do best, knowing that their financials are in good hands. 

Lornae helps with all major bookkeeping tasks – getting sales invoices out the door, credit control, processing supplier invoices, communication with suppliers to get information, bank reconciliations, GST, payroll, management of accounts, budgets and cash flows.

The greatest thing is that Bookkeeping Partners are really flexible. You don’t have to operate on Xero. If you have a financial system that works for your business, then Lornae is happy to work with it. She says that every client is different, so she likes to see what their needs are and fit in with them.

Systems Don’t Need To Be Complicated

While systems make life easier, they don’t have to be complicated. Lornae has an electrician that she works with. He had always done his invoicing before, never handing it over to his previous bookkeepers. However, Lornae worked with him to set up a shared spreadsheet that allows them to communicate about the invoices.

Even though she works remotely, the electrician can “talk” to her via the spreadsheet and she can do everything that is needed to get the invoices out the door. It was about setting up a process that worked for them both. After a few months of ironing out the kinks, they have a cohesive system going that results in more dollars in the bank for the electrician.

So, if you are ready to reduce your workload by a third, get in touch with Bookkeeping partners today. Simply fill in the contact form on their website by clicking hereand Lornae will be back in touch with you to discuss further.

Bookkeeping Isn’t All You Can Outsource

Another key aspect of business is your client communications. It can be really hard to keep in touch with all of your past, present and prospective clients. Unless you outsource that job to the experts – like the team at Big Rock Communications.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your whole database with a click of a button. Landing in their inbox with interesting and valuable information every month helps to build a relationship of trust and understanding. Then, when they have the need for your services, you will be the obvious choice!

So, if you want to generate more sales in your business, email is the way to do it. Jump on a free strategy call with marketing expert Lara McCormick to see how you can maximise the benefits of email in your business.

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