Is Your Business Attracting The Right Kind Of Clients?

No one likes crummy clients. You know the ones we mean. The ones that are hard to deal with, ask you to do work you don’t enjoy and nitpick at every little aspect.

So, how do you avoid working with the crummy ones?

The great news is that it is totally in your control whether you work with someone or not.

And the best tactic for avoiding them is to not even attract them to your business in the first place! You can do that by ensuring that your branding is on point.

After all, you would never go to Lewis Road and ask them for a sandwich. Why? Because every essence of their branding tells you that they can’t help you with a sandwich.

You can have the same impact and magnetism that Lewis Road do if you simply have the right clarity and articulation around your branding.

That is what Ingot help businesses do every day – attract the right kind of clients.

How Can You Attract The Right Kind Of Clients?

Regardless of whether you are starting a brand new business or you have been operating for several years, you can still attract the kind of clients you want to work with.

You simply need to have clarity around what that looks like.

If you understand who your ideal client is and what their needs are, then your branding can speak to that. Once they understand how you can help them, the perfect clients will be lining up outside your door. They will also be ready to pay you what you deserve.

The thing to keep in mind about branding is that it is not a one and done exercise. As your business matures and grows, your branding needs to grow with it. Otherwise, you run the risk of attracting crummy clients that aren’t aligned with your purpose and offerings.

You also need to consider how you will handle your branding. Unless you are a graphic designer and digital marketing specialist, your branding is something you will want to outsource to the experts. Ingot are the experts that you are looking for.

Who Are Ingot?

Ingot offer education around brand strategy and design. They help businesses to articulate and clarify who their customer base is, what services they offer and who they should be targeting. Once they have that knowledge foundation, they explore the communication channels. They help businesses find better touchpoints with their clients and help them to target those people better.

To back that up, they offer the practical implementation too. That includes digital design services and graphic design services. So websites and brand strategy.

Basically, they offer an awesome foundation to get any business started on the right track. They make sure you understand exactly how to talk about your brand when pitching it and when you are explaining it to their clients.

They also help you get a visual idea of what your branding looks like. Their designs are a visualisation of words. What they do is point out the vocabulary for you to use so that you can target your customers better.

Building A Partnership

As mentioned above, brands evolve over time. Businesses will grow, new offerings will be introduced, key stakeholders may change. These things can all impact the direction of a business.

Your branding should always align with your direction so that you continue to attract the right people to your business. One of the best ways to do that is to partner with a company like Ingot.

They are in it for the long term. They are the design partners that help you to gradually grow your business. There’s this cool Japanese word – Kaizen and it means continual improvement. That’s definitely the Ingot philosophy. Obviously, thing​s​ change in a year. Businesses grow. So their client’s websites ​and marketing ​will need to change to reflect that. Everything they do needs to match the progress of their client’s businesses.

After working with First Place Fitness for years, Ingot ​saw the changes happening in the physical gym and ​intuitively knew the right changes to make​ online​. While working on a second project for them, they made some edits to the Homepage header and footer on their website​ to match the gyms new look​. First Place Fitness were blown away by the results. Because Ingot knew their business so well, Ingot also knew what would make an impact with their clients. And it did!

So, if you are looking for a design partner to help you create the perfect brand messaging, then get in touch with the team at Ingot. Take up one of their ​discovery workshops​ that gives your business a solid foundation to understand where you are going and how to target the right people. Then, a roadmap for what you need to work on in your business.

Book a convenient time​ to discuss with them today!

After The Attraction

What do you do once you have attracted people to your business? Well, you build a relationship of trust until they are ready to buy from you of course. And you do this by using email marketing.

Not sure how to make it work in your business?

Luckily Big Rock Communications are experts in email communication. Email is a trusted and proven communication tool that converts more sales than any other marketing method. So, if you are interested in knowing how to generate sales via email then book a free strategy call with Big Rock’s marketing expert Lara McCormick.

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