How Much Are Your Team Worth To You?

Everyone has the right to get home from work safely.

So, what are you doing at your workplace to ensure that happens?

Health and Safety can often be seen as a chore by lots of people in the workplace. The managers for having to run Health and Safety training and the employees for having to sit through the training.

The fact of the matter is, Health and Safety saves lives and it saves businesses.

If a business does not have a strong Health and Safety policy in place, then you are putting everyone who walks through your doors at risk.

So, the question has to be asked, how much are your team worth to you?

That is the question that Clifford Brown from Opti Biz asks his clients every day. And then helps them protect their staff.

How Much Are Your Team Worth To You?

The staff are the most important asset a business can have. Without the right team, your business is not going to get far. So, you want to make sure you are protecting that asset.

Strong Health and Safety practices help you to do that. An accident can happen at any time. And if it did, would your business be prepared?

Without the correct records and evidence that worksafe requires, your business could be liable for a $30 to $90,000 fine.

These are the records that protect your team too – documented site inspections, reports of incidents, plans to prevent further incidents occurring, and a strong Health and Safety system.

For small businesses who are trying to cover all the facets of a business, Health and Safety can often get put on the backburner. That is where Opti Biz can help save a lot of stress in your business.

Who Are Opti Biz?

Opti Biz helps small to medium businesses with their health and safety. Often, it is not possible for businesses of this size to have a full time health and safety expert on staff, so Clifford fills the gap.

Opti Biz works with a large range of businesses – everything from goat farmers in Tirau to a national business with branches in Kerikeri, Auckland, Hamilton, Hawera and Christchurch.

The first thing they do when working with any business is to conduct a free audit of their current health and safety procedures. From there, Opti Biz can identify any gaps that the business might have and make recommendations for what needs to be implemented.

The audit is conducted using specialist ISO aligned software created by an Auckland specialist – Safe 365. Opti Biz identifies a whole range of tasks that need to be undertaken for the business to be Health and Safety compliant. The business can then decide whether they want to take on those tasks themselves, or outsource them to the Opti Biz team.

Accidents Happen

Opti Biz had been working with a company who recently experienced a terrible accident. While towing a boom lift, the ball of their towbar snapped off causing the boom lift to veer into oncoming traffic and create a fatal collision. After thorough investigations by both Worksafe and the police it was discovered that this company had been making regular inspections on their whole fleet and that their strict towing policy had been adhered to.

It really was a freak accident.

It was discovered by NTA that tow bars are not recertified regularly at a WOF check after installation. A detailed test is being carried out on this.

It became evident that the business was doing everything they could to prevent accidents like this from happening. They avoided a $100,000 fine. They have decided that they will be replacing the towbars on each of their vehicles to ensure this does not happen again.

Businesses need to realise that their team is important and that they can be protected by strong Health and Safety. It’s like insurance, you don’t know how much you need it until you actually really need it. Lives are important and Opti Biz wants to help people get their team to get home safely.

If you feel the same about your team, then give Clifford a call on 021 594 997, or visit their website at

Protecting All Your Assets

Your team is not the only thing you need to protect in your business. You also need to protect your client base. If social media closed tomorrow, how would you stay in touch with your audience?

Having an email database of all your past, present and prospective clients means that you can stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Email is a powerful and familiar form of communication that really works to convert sales.

But, who has time to sit at their desk typing emails all day?

Well, the team here at Big Rock do, and we are experts in email marketing. Let us help you protect the asset that is your client list. Jump on a free strategy call with our marketing expert Lara McCormick to find out how you can be utilising email better in your business.

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