Simplifying Your Travel

Have you ever thought about travelling with no set agenda?

Travelling doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be simple if you keep it so.

The Essentials…

  1. Have no agenda. Ask for recommendations from locals, and get a list of incredible things. Put everything on a Google Map, so you can see where everything is. Having no set agenda means you aren’t pressured to get anything done each day, which means you can enjoy yourself fully.
  2. Walk a lot. The best way to explore any place is to walk. Walk all over, with no set directions. Get lost.
  3. Eat lightly. Eat anything you want, but don’t eat a lot. Mix fruits and veggies in with the heavier stuff, so you don’t feel so heavy.
  4. Find space to relax. Most people try to do too much, and rush around all day. Stroll casually, find good coffee shops or tea shops to relax in, or a good sidewalk cafe with good wine. Find parks and enjoy them. If it rains, walk in the rain. Read a lot.
  5. Be present. Don’t be on your smartphone or laptop all the time. Don’t always think about what you’ll be doing later, or work stuff. Be fully present, and you’ll have a great time.
  6. Smile at people. Talk to the locals. Ask for recommendations. Find out about their lives.

And A Few More…

  • Do bodyweight exercises. Do a mix of pushups, squats, lunges, burpees in your hotel room or apartment.
  • Don’t just stay for a day or two. If you really want to see a city, stay for a week or more.
  • Get a short-term apartment if you can. If you can stay for a week, get an apartment if you can afford it. It’s cheaper than a hotel and much more comfortable.
  • Read a good novel.
  • Bring a metal water bottle. Pack an empty water bottle, so you can get through security checkpoints, and then fill up the bottle at the airport water fountain after the checkpoint. Carry the water bottle around everywhere I go so you’re never thirsty.
  • Keep a journal. Don’t stress over the journal. It doesn’t have to be daily. Just write out your thoughts, impressions when you have some spare time.
  • Travel locally. Be a tourist in your hometown — see the sights, walk the area, explore and try to find new things you’ve never seen before. You don’t need to spend a lot to travel locally.