Make This Year, Your Year!

Ways to Get on the Track to Fitness

Making a commitment to get healthier, break bad habits and lose weight is a common resolution made by countless people every new year. Gyms are joined, recipes are collected and to-do lists are written. With all of the options available to consumers, it can be difficult to choose one path to follow. Here are a few popular and effective methods for getting yourself in shape and on your way to a better you. 

Move It and Lose It

It is no secret that exercise is a key component to weight loss and general physical fitness. Experts recommend cardiovascular routines such as walking, running and aerobics to improve heart health, burn calories and expend excess energy. But if your goals also include improving muscle tone, increasing strength and flattening your abdominal muscles, you will need to incorporate free weights or other forms of resistance training. 

If you would prefer to go solo without needing any special accessories, there are also exercises using your own bodyweight that you can perform almost anywhere. In fact, sneaking in some toning moves is easier than you might think – do a few dozen squats while you blow-dry your hair in the morning, leg lifts while you wash the dishes, or arm circles while watching your favourite television show. Before you know it, exercise will be a natural part of your day, you will feel better and your joint aches may even disappear! 

Power Up With Positivity

A person’s mental state can have a powerful impact on their well-being. If you often find yourself in stressful situations, it can be easy to allow negative thoughts and emotions to seep into your life, which in turn have a draining effect on your daily interactions. Relationships can suffer, depression can occur and a downward spiral can begin. People who suffer from such distress are less likely to take care of themselves, resulting in poor health and overall unsatisfying life experience. 

In order to combat or prevent this from happening, the best preventive medicine is to fend off negative thoughts before they truly take hold in your psyche. Replace harsh words with encouragement, self-criticism with uplifting affirmations and mentally list all of the things that you are truly grateful for. Once you have mastered these internal struggles, you can move on to your surroundings. 

Do your best to avoid – or, if possible, neutralize – toxic people, places and habits. If watching certain types of television shows seems to bring you down, turn on some upbeat music instead. If you overeat when you are upset, try a craft or relaxing activity to occupy your mind instead. 

When you take steps toward helping yourself, you are not only improving your own life – you are leaving a positive impression on the world around you.