What’s The Point Of A Million Dollar View If You Can’t See It?

Often, we will invest in something because it looks and sounds amazing.

A sea-view property, a great online system, or a new car.

These things are amazing. But, unless you take the time to maintain them, they won’t stay amazing for long.

You might find that million dollar view is soon only worth cents or pennies!

This is the advice that Billy Candari from Royal Clean Window Cleaning gives to his clients.


Why Maintenance Is Important

When you invest in a new, shiny asset, the first step is the purchase. It is great! So pretty, so new, and so clean.

But, over time, that asset won’t stay new and shiny unless you put in some maintenance.

That goes for anything. A successful business will not remain successful unless you keep at it. Well performing systems will soon become outdated and slow unless they are refined and worked on regularly.

Maintenance is the key factor in all of these equations.

The same goes for your home or business premises. If you do not complete the simple task of window cleaning on a regular basis, then it is not only dirt you have to contend with. You may also be looking at building damage or loss of sales.

How can dirty windows lose you customers?

Well, it is all about perception. Unless your premises visually match the professional image you are trying to project, then customers could be deterred. They may feel that if you aren’t willing to maintain your windows, what else will you let slide…

You don’t want to let that happen! So, to go in the draw for a free exterior window clean at your business premises, simply fill in this short survey. Click here to go in the draw.


Revolutionary Window Cleaning

We have all been in the situation of desperately trying to achieve windows that are clean and streak-free. Up to your elbows in soapy water, detergent running into your garden and soggy newspaper strewn about.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, you don’t have to put up with it any more.

Royal Clean have a revolutionary window washing service that you can utilise at your home or business premises. It even safely cleans cars and solar panels.

The Pure Water Cleaning System is laboratory developed technology. It uses mineralised water to effectively clean and protect any smooth surfaces. Because it doesn’t use any detergent it is safe for your plants, pets and the environment.

Not only does it clean your windows, but it also applies a light film that literally repels dirt. After a Pure Water treatment, simply hose off any dirt that appears and it will glide right off!


Who Are Royal Clean?

Royal Clean is headed by Billy Candari and they are an Auckland based window cleaning company that service Pukekohe to Warkworth and everywhere in between.

They use the Pure Water Cleaning System to clean exterior windows at homes and business premises. They can clean buildings up to 5-stories high without the need for a ladder or scaffolding.

The key to their cleaning system is the filter that they use. Fitted to any standard water outlet, it removes the minerals from the water to create an efficient no-touch cleaning service. If there is no tap available, then Billy’s team will bring their own water supply.

Their services are particularly popular with owners of sea-view properties. With the salt spray and sand in the air, the windows on waterfront properties can quickly become clouded and dirty. Suddenly, that million dollar view is worth nothing because it is hidden behind a layer of dirt!

With regular cleaning every 2-3 months, Billy’s team can keep your million dollar view all year round! Plus, they can also safely clean your car and solar panels while they are there. A simple clean can improve the effectiveness of solar panels by up to 30%!


So, if you are ready to maximise your million dollar view, then Royal Clean is ready to help you do it. And, if you book an exterior window clean for a sea view property, they will throw in a free car wash! Head on over to Royal Clean’s website for an instant quote, or contact Billy today for a free, no-obligation quote.


Maintaining Your List

Your home and business premises are not the only thing you need to maintain. It is important to maintain and nurture your email database too. Without regular contact, those people could forget who you are and why they signed up to receive your newsletters in the first place.

We know you are busy and don’t necessarily have time to email your database. So, why not let the email marketing experts at Big Rock do it for you? Simply jump on a free 30-min call with our marketing expert Lara McCormick to see how you can supercharge your lead generation with email.

We promise it will not be time wasted, even if it isn’t right for your business, you will still walk away from the call with your marketing strategy mapped out for the next 12 months!

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