Low Cost Ways To Improve Your Employee’s Health

Workplace wellness is not just for big companies. Small businesses can embrace a wellness programme for their team members also, even if there is only a small budget to play with. Knowing that happy and healthy employees are more productive is one thing. But knowing how to keep them happy and healthy is a different thing altogether.

Don’t panic, you can encourage your staff to be at their best with these 5 low cost suggestions…

1: Flexi Time and Working Remotely

Are there certain aspects of your employee’s jobs that can be done remotely, or outside normal working hours? Then let them do it.

Let them start earlier and finish earlier to maximise daytime hours, or to fit in with childcare. Or, if they are feeling under the weather then let them work from home so that they don’t infect the rest of the office. Knowing the flexible option is there will be one thing for your employees, but encouraging them to utilise it is completely down to you as their manager.

2: Get Out The Door

Getting out of the four walls of your office and breathing the fresh air can completely change your mindset. Natural sunlight is much nicer than fluorescent office lighting. So why not hold your next team meeting outside?

Have a picnic in the park, have alfresco coffee at an outdoor eatery, or even host a walking meeting around your building. Get your daily dose of vitamin D to boost office productivity and morale.

3: Get Face To Face

In this age of technology there is a tendency to email, message on Slack or Whatsapp. But that removes one of the key components of human interaction, face to face communication. Know exactly what your colleagues are saying, read their emotions and connect emotionally in person.

Don’t worry about the loss of productivity from getting out from behind your desk. You will actually be more productive with the chance to stretch your legs and refocus your mind. Also, you should see a reduction in negative office politics by removing the need for passive aggressive emails.

4: Promote Office Health

Flu and stress are two of the main productivity killers for a business. So minimise the downtime at your place and offer a solution for your employees.

Arrange to supply subsidised flu shots for your employees. There are providers that will come to your workplace on a designated day and administer flu shots. Cost and quality will vary, so make sure that you do your research on the provider.

Combat stress with onsite chair massage. Massage is proven to reduce stress and boost office productivity, leaving employees feeling happier and healthier. You can get trained massage therapists to travel to your workplace with all of the resources needed.

5: Give Fruitful Gifts

A great way to show appreciation for your staff and to get more nutrients into them is by providing a weekly fruit box. Healthy eating is one of the best ways to influence your overall health. Give your employees the perfect opportunity to improve their diet and snack healthily. Make sure you do your research on the fruit supplier as prices, quality and quantities can vary.