How You Can Improve Training Delivery At Your Workplace

Training is one of those necessary tasks at a workplace, and let’s face it… it can have a pretty bad rap with employees, team members, and anyone else that has to undertake it.

But why has it got such a bad reputation? Why does everyone dislike workplace training?

Probably because it is known for being boring, and one of those things you have to sit through to be allowed to do your job. But at KOR Creative we want to change that negativity. We believe that you can truly improve the training delivery at your workplace by tweaking a few things.

Instead of making your training sessions an all day lecture, we have a few tips that can help make it a really valuable process for staff and managers alike. We truly believe that you can easily modernise your training programme with video, e-learning, and making it interactive.

Let’s look at how you can do that.

Video Training

We don’t mean VHS video. We don’t expect you to wheel out a CRT television on a big metal trolley like the AV Monitors used to do back at school. But truly engaging video content that can be watched individually, or together as a team.

Video has many benefits for both your business and for your team members. It is a cost effective investment for you because it is something that can be created once and used over and over again. It generates efficiency and time in your business without the need to constantly schedule training sessions full of repetitive content. Lastly, it can free up the time of your key staff as they will not constantly be plagued with the same questions – simply do an educational video that answers all those questions instead.

When it comes to the process of educating your team members, video is an interesting, familiar and engaging way for your team to engage with the material. And they can hit pause to duck out to the loo without missing anything important!


E-learning is an exciting phenomenon. It is a medium that uses electronic resources and enables learning that is not confined to a traditional classroom setting. In most cases, it includes a course or training session that is able to be completed fully online.

Because e-learning materials are available 24/7, staff can work through the content at their own pace and when they are the most productive. It also means those that learn faster can progress through the training quicker, while those that need a bit more time can have it.

One of the great things about e-learning is that you can revisit the content when you need a refresher with no additional training cost. They can also consume the content in a risk-free environment without judgement. Some team members may not speak out in a group training setting for fear of judgement, but e-learning removes that fear and pressure.

With everyone learning from the same content, you can ensure your training is standardised and nothing gets missed. That means everybody on the team gets the same information – whether you have a team of 10 or a team of 100, the training is scalable to any number.

Interactive Learning

Technology is common in everyday life now. Your Nana is probably on Facebook and it’s likely that your 6 year old can work the universal remote better you can. It is a familiar medium that we are all embracing to make life easier. So why not embrace its power in workplace training also?

Technology has come so far that you can create an interactive learning resource to really draw your trainees in. E-learning gives you the opportunity to make the content of your training more accessible, digestible and relative. Instead of boring notes on a page, you can include animation, interaction, or even gamification to increase your employee’s engagement and information retention.

Interactive Video goes one step beyond a standard video training. It allows you to choose different options and portray different situations. If you were undertaking health and safety training you could show a potentially dangerous scenario and all the different outcomes, based on the action a trainee chooses. They would be able to see how their decisions impact the situation in an interactive setting. This is a powerful learning opportunity.

Are you ready to save time, energy and money on your training programme? If you think that e-learning could improve training delivery at your workplace, then get in touch with us at KOR Creative for a Free Consultation by calling 0800 VIDEOS (843 367) or emailing [email protected]