How to find your dream home


Spring is a busy time in the real estate market. That first glimpse of warm weather and the prospect of Christmas holidays round the corner means that many homeowners prefer to market their homes in springtime. If you’re on the hunt for your dream home, then these tips will help you find the perfect match.

Buy what you can afford

This may seem like an obvious one, but limit your search to homes that are comfortably within your budget. You will then be in a better position to ride any unexpected financial commitments further down the line. Besides, there’s no point in having that huge garden and massive entertaining deck if you can’t afford to invite anyone round for a barbie!

Think home not investment

Don’t think of buying a house as being an investment first. The house will be a home first and foremost so make your choices based on whether you can see yourself living there, rather than any profit you might make when it comes to reselling.

Consider all possibilities

Don’t narrow down your range of choices unnecessarily. Your preference might be for a newer, low maintenance home, but you might just fall in love with that old villa and all its architectural features. Do your homework and have a good look round at what’s available in the market before you make your mind up.

Think long term

The average family stays in a house for 13 years so when looking for your dream home it’s important that you think long term. The process of buying and moving takes a great deal of time and effort so finding a home that will suit your needs for a decade or more will be a good investment.

Location, location

You don’t just buy a house, you also buy into a neighbourhood.  You might be completely taken with the property’s swish interior, but less so with its location on a busy street. Visit the house on a number of occasions and at different times of the day. That way, if there are issues with noisy teenagers next door or problems with parking because of the school at the end of the road, you have a better chance of discovering these before you are committed to buying.

Resale value

While the property’s potential resale value shouldn’t be an overriding factor in your choice, you won’t want to buy a white elephant either. If the potential home is so unique and unlike any others in the neighbourhood, then you may want to look elsewhere so it doesn’t become a burden further down the track.

Your dream home is out there somewhere! Use these tips to help you narrow down the choice so you find the ideal fit for you and your lifestyle.