Help Your Team Engage With Training Content Instead Of Just Turning Up

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We have all been to those induction trainings where you show up and twiddle your thumbs for two days. You sit there staring blankly at the instructor, doodling on the notes you have been given and basically tuning out until it’s time to complete the mandatory induction booklet and get your pass grade.

Just how effective can that kind of training possibly be?

I think we can all agree that it is not effective at all. Unfortunately, ineffective training is a waste of time and can be a hazard if staff don’t actually learn the skills they need to complete their job correctly.

Digital learning is the affordable game changer that your business has been looking for. No longer is it just for large corporates and tertiary institutes. Using the latest in digital course creation software KOR has made cost effective on-line learning available to your average small to medium enterprise.  It will help you to change the mindset of your team to ensure training actually provides valuable upskilling, and it can encourage learning so that the skills can be used practically in the workplace.

Let’s explore how it can do that.

Change Of Mindset

Inductions have come to be thought of as a ‘turning’ up exercise. Basically, you come, you sit, you pass. There is no learning or participation, despite the best efforts of the trainer.

By overhauling your training regime, you can change the face of inductions. No longer will they consist of hours in a boardroom trying to stay awake. Digital learning can transform days of boredom into an exercise that is engaging and interesting.

If the training is interesting and the staff can prove their knowledge, then the overall training mindset will be more positive and useful.

Provide Value And Upskill Your Team

By giving your team something to engage with you are giving them the opportunity to learn. That will provide value to your workforce and upskill your team in vital areas.

Training needs to take place for a reason so that your team can learn valuable skills. If they treat the exercise as one where they simply have to turn up then they will not be prepared to learn. If they do not learn, then they do not upskill themselves.

Digital learning allows each team member to learn at their own pace and to replay the sections they didn’t quite understand at the time. They are not forced to try and keep up with others or to slow down their usual learning place. It is an individual opportunity for them to advance their learning and upskill.

Practical Application

There is no point in completing a training session if you are not going to learn something from it. And then, there is no point in learning something if you aren’t going to use the knowledge in a practical way.

Digital learning helps trainees to really hoe in on the areas where their skills are lacking. They can replay the lessons, or take the quizzes multiple times to ensure the information really sinks in. Once they have a firm grasp on the knowledge, they can use it practically in the workplace.

As you can see, digital learning has amazing possibilities. But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can listen to what one of our happy clients has to say about when they used digital training in their workplace…

ATL Case Study

We sat down with Jared Ambrose – Health and Safety Compliance Trainer for ATL to talk about the improvements they had seen in their workplace since adopting digital training with KOR Creative. This is what he had to say…

In our industry, if people are not trained correctly then you can end up with unfortunate accidents, asbestos-related diseases, and near misses. We want everyone to go home each night in the same condition they left in that morning.

What was training like in the past?

When we did face to face training, it would take at least 3 days of my time to run through the programme with the trainees. Not only did it take a large chunk of my time, it was frustrating for the project managers who needed the staff online ASAP.

We have all been to an induction before. You normally turn up, sit there, listen to the instructor, complete a little induction booklet and then you pass. It is pretty much a turning up exercise. At ATL we found that it wasn’t actually teaching the staff anything.

What impact did digital learning have on your training?

The demographics of our workers means they respond far better to visual learning than to academic learning. By asking questions about the content they had just learnt, it made them think about the content. We found that some staff members were actually failing the induction process. Because the training video was in a digital format, we simply replayed the section that required extra focus.

We would then sit down with them, grade them and tell them the areas that they had to do more work on. They would go back and resit that whole section again with a fresh understanding of what they had learned before. On the second or third attempt at answering the questions, staff members were passing at a rate of 90% and above.

That is what were were aiming for. It showed us that they were actually learning something that they didn’t know before.

Is digital training a cost saver?

Sitting down at the end of this financial year, we compared the cost of last years training and this year’s training. On average, we trained 56 people and last year our training costs were $43,000. When we looked at the cost for this year we were amazed to find that we had only spent $7500 after switching to digital learning.

Is digital learning a time saver?

The saving comes not just from the trainer’s time, but the staff members are able to be onsite a day earlier than they would have been with the traditional face to face method.

Because the training is digital, it means that the team members can train on any device – iPhone, Android, or laptop. That means they can train anywhere in the world, and at any time.

Has digital learning had any other benefits for the company?

We won a Health and Safety Best Practice award from The Demolition and Asbestos Association.

Digital training is the way of the future, it is the way that ATL is going and we can’t wait to work more with KOR.

If you want to see the same kind of cost saving and learning benefits that ATL experienced at your workplace, then get in touch with us at KOR for a FREE consultation by calling 0800 VIDEOS (843 367) or emailing [email protected]