Commercial Cleaning Trends To Watch in 2018

With any business it is important to move with the times. Commercial cleaning is no exception, with the constant advancement of technology and new products on the market. Providing your clients with a state of the art, effective cleaning experience is your top priority. Run circles around your competitors by using some of the commercial cleaning trends due to make their mark in 2018.

Green Cleaning

This is a trend that is fast growing in popularity. People do not want to breathe in the chemicals left behind by certain cleaning products. They want to know that the surfaces they touch and the air they inhale are not only clean, but green as well.

Eco-friendly practices are great for everyone. Not only do they please your clients, but they are a better option for our planet. Being able to market yourself as an eco-friendly cleaning company will set you apart from your competitors and impress your clients. The great news is that eco-friendly products are comparable in price with their chemical counterparts, or are sometimes cheaper!

Innovative Technology

The world has gone technology mad and a simple wet cloth with soap does not cut it any longer. Thankfully technology has made advancements in the cleaning field too. There are so many options available for gadgets and products that make cleaning easier and more effective.

Embracing these technologies can make your job easier. Not only are they an affordable upgrade, you can offer your clients an advanced cleaning solution.


Gone are the days of having a rates card that you pedal out for every client. There is no one size fits all solution for today’s commercial businesses. They all have different needs and different circumstances. Providing a customisable solution will mean that you can suit all of their individual needs. ¬†You can offer your clients great benefits by going beyond a standard cleaning service.

Specialist Employees

Every representative for your company should be an expert at what they do. In order to be an expert, they require appropriate guidance and training. You need to make sure they are keeping pace with new technologies, have the best products in their kit, have upgraded equipment and are able to keep up with the demands of your clients.

Commercial cleaning is becoming a highly competitive field, so make sure your business stands out amongst the rest with the best trained employees. Customer satisfaction is paramount, so make sure your employees can clean to the required standard.